car showHistory of International Mustang Meet

The International Mustang Meet began in 1980 when two Mustangers, one American and one Canadian, met at a World of Wheels car show while each was showing a Mustang Convertible. They became best friends and thought it would be a great idea that an International Mustang Meet be held each year. They would start in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada and then swap between the US and Canada each year.

During that first year, there were three clubs and 75 cars, and the Labor Day weekend was chosen to allow for travel to the meet each year.

Current Day

Over three decades later, the International Mustang Meet has grown into an organization comprised of thirteen clubs. There are 7 Canadian clubs and 6 American clubs. The organization meets twice a year for site selections and rule changes, if needed.

Today, the event has become more than a car show. There are 300-500 vehicles each year that gather on Labor Day weekend, and is a social event reuniting friends made through the years. Friday night begins with a Welcome Party, Saturday is the show day followed by a BBQ in the evening. On Sunday there are special drive, potential Auto Cross or Poker Run, and ends with an Awards Banquet with 400 people in attendance. Finally, we gather for breakfast on Monday and say goodbye til next year.

Meet the Team

The Leadership Team includes: American Chairman, Carl Gocksch; Canadian Chairman, Craig Shanley; and Secretary, Debbie Taylor.  To learn more contact Lyle Cigler at

Does your car club want to join?

If you are interested in joining the IMM organization, there is a membership process. Learn more by contacting Debbie Taylor at